Add a node to a cluster

You can add a new node to an existing Isilon cluster.

Before you begin

Before you add a node to a cluster, verify that an internal IP address is available. Add IP addresses as necessary before you add a new node.

About this task

If a new node is running a different version of OneFS than the cluster, the system changes the node version of OneFS to match the cluster.

Note Image

  • For specific information about version compatibility between OneFS and Isilon hardware, refer to the Isilon Supportability and Compatibility Guide.
  • If you are running IsilonSD Edge, follow the instructions in the IsilonSD Edge Installation and Administration Guide to add a node to an IsilonSD cluster.


  1. Click Cluster Management > Hardware Configuration > Add Nodes.
  2. In the Available Nodes table, click Add for the node that you want to add to the cluster.