Netgroup file format

A netgroup file consists of one or more netgroups, each of which can contain members. Hosts, users, or domains, which are members of a netgroup, are specified in a member triple. A netgroup can also contain another netgroup.

Each entry in a netgroup file consists of the netgroup name, followed by a space-delimited set of member triples and nested netgroup names. If you specify a nested netgroup, it must be defined on a separate line in the file.

A member triple takes the following form:
(<host>, <user>, <domain>)
Where <host> is a placeholder for a machine name, <user> is a placeholder for a user name, and <domain> is a placeholder for a domain name. Any combination is valid except an empty triple: (,,).

The following sample file contains two netgroups. The rootgrp netgroup contains four hosts: two hosts are defined in member triples and two hosts are contained in the nested othergrp netgroup, which is defined on the second line.

rootgrp (myserver, root, (otherserver, root, othergrp
othergrp (other-win,, (other-linux,,
Note Image

A new line signifies a new netgroup. You can continue a long netgroup entry to the next line by typing a backslash character (\) in the right-most position of the first line.