NDMP context settings

You can view the details of NDMP contexts and manage those contexts.

The following settings appear in the Contexts table:

The context type. It can be one of backup, restartable backup, or restore.
An identifier for a backup or restore job. A backup or restore job consists of one or more streams all of which are identified by this identifier. This identifier is generated by the NDMP backup daemon.
Start Time
The time when the context started in month date time year format.
View or delete a selected context.
Status of the context. The status shows up as active if a backup or restore job is initiated and continues to remain active until the backup stream has completed or errored out.
The path where all the working files for the selected context are stored.
Specifies whether the multistream backup process is enabled.
Lead Session ID
The identifier of the first backup or restore session corresponding to a backup or restore operation.
A table with a list of all the sessions that are associated with the selected context.