NDMP backup port settings

OneFS assigns default settings to each Fibre Channel port on the Backup Accelerator node attached to the Isilon cluster. These settings identify the port and determine how the port interacts with the NDMP backup devices.

The following settings appear in the Ports table:

Specifies the logical node number of the Backup Accelerator node.
Specifies the name and port number of the Backup Accelerator node.
Specifies the type of Fibre Channel topology that is supported by the port. Options are:
Point to Point
A single backup device or Fibre Channel switch directly connected to the port.
Multiple backup devices connected to a single port in a circular formation.
Automatically detects the topology of the connected device. This is the recommended setting and is required for a switched-fabric topology.
Specifies the world wide node name (WWNN) of the port. This name is the same for each port on a given node.
Specifies the world wide port name (WWPN) of the port. This name is unique to the port.
Specifies the rate at which data is sent through the port. The rate can be set to 1 Gb/s, 2 Gb/s, 4 Gb/s, 8 Gb/s, and Auto. 8 Gb/s is available for A100 nodes only. If set to Auto, the Fibre Channel chip negotiates with connected Fibre Channel switch or Fibre Channel devices to determine the rate. Auto is the recommended setting.
Specifies whether a port is enabled or disabled.
Allows you to view and edit the port settings.