NDMP backup device settings

OneFS creates a device entry for each device you attach to the cluster through a Backup Accelerator node.

The following table describes the settings you can review for a tape or media changer device in the Devices table and also through the View Tape Devices dialog box that appears when you select a device and click View/Edit:

Specifies a device name assigned by OneFS.
Indicates whether the device is in use. If data is currently being backed up to or restored from the device, Read/Write appears. If the device is not in use, Closed appears.
Specifies the world wide node name of the device.
Product (Vendor/Model/Revision)
Specifies the name of the device vendor and the model name or number of the device.
Serial Number
Specifies the serial number of the device.
Allows you to view, edit, or delete a device.
Specifies the name of the Backup Accelerator node that is attached to the device and the port numbers to which the device is connected.
Specifies the logical unit number (LUN) of the device.
Specifies whether the device is active or inactive.
Specifies the world wide port name (WWPN) of the port on the tape or media changer device.
Port ID
Specifies the port ID of the device that binds the logical device to the physical device.
Open Count
A counter of the active and open connections to the device.
Device Name
Specifies the regular device name that appears under the FreeBSD operating system.
Pass Name
Specifies the pass-thru device name that appears under the FreeBSD operating system.