Domain variables in home directory provisioning

You can use domain variables to specify authentication providers when provisioning home directories.

The domain variable (%D) is typically used for Active Directory users, but it has a value set that can be used for other authentication providers. %D expands as described in the following table for the various authentication providers.

Authenticated user
%D expansion
Active Directory user
Active Directory NetBIOS name—for example, YORK for provider YORK.EAST.EXAMPLE.COM.
Local user
The cluster name in all-uppercase characters—for example, if the cluster is named MyCluster, %D expands to MYCLUSTER.
File user
  • UNIX_USERS (for System file provider)
  • FILE_USERS (for all other file providers)
LDAP user
LDAP_USERS (for all LDAP authentication providers)
NIS user
NIS_USERS (for all NIS authentication providers)