Help on Protocols > UNIX Sharing (NFS) > NFS Aliases

The following information and controls appear on Protocols > UNIX Sharing (NFS) > NFS Aliases:

Current Access Zone:
From this drop-down list, select the access zone in which you want to create or manage NFS aliases.
NFS Aliases
Lists all aliases for the current access zone in table format. Select the check box next to an existing alias to view, edit or delete it. If you view/edit an existing alias, you will see the same popup window and fields that you see when creating an alias.
Create Alias
Click to create a new alias. The Create an Alias popup window appears.
Alias Name
Enter a name for the alias. The alias must be formed as a simple UNIX-style path with one element; for example, /home.
Enter the full path that the alias is to be associated with. If you have set up access zones in OneFS, the full path must begin with the root of the current access zone. Click Browse to select from existing directory paths.