Help on Protocols > Hadoop (HDFS) > Virtual Racks

The following information and controls appear on Protocols > Hadoop (HDFS) > Virtual Racks

Current Access Zone
Specifies the access zone for which you want to display virtual racks.
Virtual Racks
This table lists all virtual racks.
Create a Virtual Rack
Opens a page that allows you to create a virtual rack.
Specifies a name for the new virtual rack.
Client IP Ranges
Specifies the IP address range of Hadoop compute client to be associated with the virtual HDFS rack.
Add another client IP range
Adds another entry under Client IP Ranges.
IP Pools
Specifies which IP address pool on the Isilon cluster you want to assign to the virtual HDFS rack.
Create Virtual Rack
Closes the page and adds the new virtual rack to the Virtual Racks table.
Select an action
Applies the specified action to all virtual racks that you have selected.
Delete Selection
Deletes all checked virtual racks.
Displays the name of the virtual rack.
Client IP Ranges
Displays the IP ranges for the virtual rack.
IP Pools
Displays the IP pools for the virtual rack.
View / Edit
Displays virtual rack details.
Edit Virtual Rack
Enables you to edit virtual rack settings.
Removes the row from the Virtual Racks table.