Help on Protocols > Hadoop (HDFS) > Proxy Users

The following information and controls appear on Protocols > Hadoop (HDFS) > Proxy Users

Current Access Zone
Specifies the access zone for which you want to display proxy user information.
Proxy Users
Table that enables you to view and manage proxy users.
Select an action
Applies the specified action to all proxy users that you have selected.
View / Edit
Displays proxy user details.
Removes the row from the Proxy Users table.
Create a Proxy User
Opens a page that allows you to create a proxy user.

Proxy User Settings

Proxy User
Specifies the user that you want to designate as a new proxy user.
Add a Member
Opens the Select a User, Group, or Wellknown dialog box.
Search for
Specifies the type of member you would like to search for. Members can be individual users or groups.
Specifies a username to search for.
Specifies a provider to filter results for.