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The following information and controls are available at File System > Storage Pools > File Pool Policies.

File Pool Policies
Provides a list of file pool policies with details, as follows:
Indicates the priority order of file pool policies. When the SmartPools job runs, it applies file pool policies in priority order. When a file pool matches the criteria defined in a policy, the actions in that policy are applied, and lower-priority custom policies are not processed for the file pool. If any actions have not been applied to a file during this process, OneFS applies default file pool policy actions to make sure that all actions apply to every file.
Policy Name
Names of custom policies, as assigned by the administrator who created the policies. The default policy, which is always last in the list, is named Default Policy.
Descriptions of policies as assigned by the administrator.
Enables you to view, edit, or delete custom policies. Although you can view and edit the Default Policy, you cannot delete it.
Create a File Pool Policy
Enables you to create and define custom file pool policies.
Select a bulk action
After selecting one or more custom file pool policies, you can delete them.
Policy Templates
Provides a list of template file pool policies that you can use to create new custom policies.
View / Use Template
Enables you to view the settings of the template policy, and, optionally, to use the template policy as the basis for a new custom policy.