Help on Data Protection > NDMP > NDMP Settings

The following information and controls are available at Data Protection > NDMP > NDMP Settings.

Specifies the NDMP service that is disabled by default. Click Enable NDMP Service to start the service. If the service is enabled, click Disable NDMP Service to stop the service.
Specifies the settings for the NDMP session.
Port number
Specifies the port number through which the data management application (DMA) can connect to the cluster. The default port number is 10000.
DMA vendor
Specifies the DMA vendor that the cluster is configured to interact with. The default DMA vendor is Generic. Select a different option from the list to change the DMA vendor.
NDMP Administrators
This table lists the authorized NDMP administrators for the NDMP sessions. By default, no NDMP administrator is authorized for a session. Click Add an NDMP Administrator to specify an administrator user name and password.
Specifies the NDMP administrator user name.
View, edit, or delete NDMP administrator user name and password.