Help on Data Protection > NDMP > Contexts

The following information and controls are available at Data Protection > NDMP > Contexts.

This table lists all the NDMP contexts. Each NDMP backup, restartable backup, or restore session creates a context. All the working files for these sessions are stored in the context.
Displays information for a specified context type. Context types can be one of BRE, Backup, or Restore.
Represents the allocated resources for the context.
Start Time
Displays the start time for the context.
List, view, or delete NDMP contexts.
View Details
Displays the context type, context ID, start time, status, path, multistream enablement status, and session ID. Status is active for a context if there are any ongoing active streams for that context. Otherwise, the status is inactive. A stream is active whenever a backup or restore session is running. A Stream ID is generated for all the active and inactive backup and restore sessions. A Lead Session ID is generated for a multistream backup or restore session. A summary of all the active and inactive backup, restartable backup, and restore sessions are listed in a table.