Help on Cluster Management > Network Configuration > Settings

The following information and controls appear on Cluster Management > Network Configuration > Settings.

Rebalance All IPs

Rebalances all of the pools on the external network.

Enable source based routing
Enables source-based routing globally on the cluster.
SmartConnect IP Rebalance Delay
Specifies a time value for a rebalance delay.
TCP Ports
This table lists all TCP ports.
Add TCP Ports
Opens a page that allows you to create a TCP port.
TCP Ports
Specifies a TCP port number.
Add another port
Adds another TCP port field under TCP Ports.
Add Ports
Closes the dialog box and adds the new TCP port to the TCP Ports table.
Select an action
Applies the specified action to all TCP ports that you have selected.
Remove items
Deletes all checked TCP ports.
Displays the TCP port number.
Deletes the TCP port.
Revert Changes
Reverts any unsaved changes.
Save Changes
Saves all changes.