Help on Cluster Management > Job Operations > Job Types

The following information and controls are available at Cluster Management > Job Operations > Job Types.

Job Types
Provides a list and descriptions of available system maintenance jobs and their default settings, as follows:
Displays the job name and, beneath it, a brief description.
Displays whether the job is enabled or disabled.
Displays the priority number, 1–10, with 1 being the highest and 10 being the lowest. Although all jobs run at a lower system priority than other processes, the priority number indicates the job's priority among all running jobs.
Indicates when a job can run and the system resources it is allowed to consume: LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH, or OFF_HOURS.
Indicates that the job is either regularly scheduled (and when), or that it must be started manually.
Enables you to view or edit default settings for the job type, and, under the More menu, to start an instance of a job type manually.