Help on Cluster Management > Job Operations > Job Summary

The following information and controls are available at Cluster Management > Job Operations > Job Summary.

Active Jobs
Provides a list of active jobs, and their status and settings, as follows:
Indicates whether an active job is in progress or paused.
Displays the unique job ID number.
Displays the type of job. For example, FlexProtect.
Displays the given priority number, from 1-9. Although all jobs run at a lower system priority than other processes, the priority number indicates the job's priority among all running jobs.
Impact Policy
Indicates when a job can run and the system resources it is allowed to consume: LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH, or OFF_HOURS.
Indicates how long an active job has been in progress.
Indicates the current phase of the job. Some jobs—for example, AutoBalance—require multiple phases.
Displays a summary progress report of the active job.
Edit, pause, resume, or cancel the job.
Select a bulk action
If multiple jobs are active or paused, you can select one or more jobs and then cancel, pause, or resume them.