Help on Cluster Management > Job Operations > Job Events

The following information and controls are available at Cluster Management > Job Operations > Job Events.

Job Events
Provides a list of real-time job events, including the following information:
Date and exact time that the job event entered its current state.
Event ID
The unique event ID number.
Job ID
The job ID number, which can apply to multiple events.
The job type that is associated with the event.
The current state of the event, such as Succeeded, Running, Waiting, and so on.
A summary of the event status.
Provides a View Details option to display more information about the job event.
Enables you to arrange the list by job type and job ID.
Restores the Job Events list to its original order, which begins with the most recent event.
Navigation arrows
Enables you to navigate all pages of the Job Events list. Hover the mouse pointer over each icon to see a description.