Help on Cluster Management > Job Operations > Impact Policies

The following information and controls are available at Cluster Management > Job Operations > Impact Policies.

Impact Policies
Provides a list of impact policies for system maintenance jobs, including the following information:
Name of the impact policy. Template policies include HIGH, LOW, MEDIUM, and OFF_HOURS. These policies can be copied, but cannot be deleted.
Description of the policy type and impact.
Impact Schedule
Times during which jobs with this policy can run.
Provides two options:
  • View Details displays more information about the impact policy, such as description and schedule.
  • More provides a Copy Impact Policy option so that you can edit and assign the new policy to system maintenance jobs for your cluster. For a custom policy, More also provides a Delete option.
Add an Impact Policy
Enables you to create custom impact policies, including name, description, and impact schedule.
Select a bulk action
After you select one or more custom policies, you can delete them.