Help on File System > File System Settings > Character Encoding

The following information and controls are available at File System > File System Settings > Character Encoding.

Edit Character Encoding Settings
You can modify the character encoding set for the EMC Isilon cluster after installation. Only OneFS-supported character sets are available for selection. UTF-8 is the default character set for OneFS nodes. You must restart the cluster to apply character encoding changes.
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If the cluster character encoding is not set to UTF-8, SMB share names will be case-sensitive.

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Character encoding is typically established during installation of the cluster. Modifying the character encoding setting after installation may render files unreadable if done incorrectly. Modify settings only if necessary, after consulting EMC Isilon Technical Support.
Character Encoding
From the drop-down list, select a character encoding type. Click Save Changes to save the changes or Revert Changes to restore the default selection (UTF-8).