Help on Access > Authentication Providers > Local Provider

The following information and controls appear on Access > Authentication Providers > Local Provider.

Provider Name
Displays the name of the local provider.
Displays whether the local provider is enabled or disabled in the system.
Local Provider Name
Name of the local provider. The name is the same as the access zone to which the local provider is assigned. It cannot be edited.
Authenticate Users
Select to enable the local provider to respond to authentication requests in addition to identity lookups. Otherwise, the local provider will only respond to identity lookups.
Home Directory Naming
Specifies a path to use as a template for naming home directories. The path must begin with /ifs and can contain one or more of the following expansion variables:
  • %U - user name
  • %D - domain name
  • %Z - zone name
  • %L - host name
  • %0, %1, %2 - first, second, and third character of the user name, respectively
Create Home Directories
Select to create a home directory the first time a user logs in, if a home directory does not already exist for the user.
UNIX Shell
Specifies a path to the login shell for users who access the OneFS file system through SSH.
Lockout Threshold
Specifies the number of failed login attempts after which an account will be locked out.
Lockout Duration
Sets the length of time that an account will be inaccessible after multiple failed login attempts. The duration is specified in seconds.
Lockout Window
Sets the time in which the number of failed attempts specified by the lockout threshold option must be made for an account to be locked out. The duration is specified in seconds.
Maximum Password Age
Sets the maximum length of time a password is valid. The duration is specified in seconds. The default value is 2419200 seconds, which is 4 weeks.
Minimum Password Age
Sets the minimum length of time a password is valid. The duration is specified in seconds.
Minimum Password Length
Sets the required minimum password length.
Password History Length
Specifies the number of previous passwords to store to prevent reuse of a previous password. The maximum password history length is 24.
Password Complexity
Specifies the conditions that a password is required to meet. You can select any of the following requirements:
  • lowercase
  • uppercase
  • numeric
  • symbol
A password must contain at least one character from each specified option to be valid. For example, if lowercase and numeric are specified, a password must contain at least one lowercase character and one digit to be valid. Symbols are valid, excluding # and @.