Help on Access > Access Zones > Zones

The following information and controls appear on Access > Access Zones > Zones.

Create an access zone
Opens a dialog box that enables you to create an access zone.
Select an action
Lists actions that can be applied to multiple access zones simultaneously.
Delete zone
Bulk action that deletes from the system each access zone whose check box has been selected.
Enables you to make view and modify access zone settings.
Deletes the selected access zone. The System access zone cannot be deleted.

Access zone settings

Zone Name
Specifies the name of the access zone. It must be unique.
Zone Base Directory
Specifies the base directory of the access zone. The base directory isolates data contained in the directory to the access zone.
Create zone base directory if it does not exist
Enables you to create the base directory in the system at the same time that you create the access zone.
Specifies the groupnet associated with the access zone. Groupnets manage each DNS namespace on the cluster.
Authentication providers
Area that enables you to add and remove authentication providers to and from the access zone.
Available Authentication Providers
Displays a list of available authentication providers that can be added to the access zone. It is recommended that you assign only one type of each provider per access zone in order to simplify administration.
Selected Authentication Providers
Displays a list of authenticaiton providers that have been added to the access zone. You can click the arrows to arrange selected providers in the order in which they should be checked during the user authentication process.