One of the power supplies in a node has failed or lost power.

It is possible that a power cable was unplugged during recent maintenance or the circuit supplying power to the affected power supply has failed.

Administrator action

Perform the following steps in the order listed. If the issue resolves after a step, there is no need to complete the subsequent steps.

  1. Confirm that both power cables are properly connected to the node.
  2. View the LED lights on the power supplies and confirm the status of the power supply:
    Power status
    Node type
    Steady green
    All nodes
    Blinking green
    Good, but the node is currently powered down
    36000X, 3600NL, 72000X, 72000N
    Steady amber
    Good, but the node is currently powered down
    X-Series, S-Series
    Blinking amber
    A power supply failure has occurred
    X-Series, S-Series
    No light
    Insufficient or no A/C power
    All nodes
  3. If only one node reports the issue, determine the cause of the problem by performing the following steps.
    Caution Image
    Do not move the power cable to another power supply in the same node as this will cause the node to lose power.
    • Locate the electrical outlet to which the problematic power supply is connected, and then determine if the outlet is functioning properly by plugging the power cable into a different electrical outlet.
    • If the issue is not resolved by using a different electrical outlet, move the power cable from the power supply that reports the failure to the power supply of a node that does not report a failure. If the cable is the issue, replace the cable.
  4. If the issue persists, take one power supply out of a different working node and attach the power supply to the affected node.
    Caution Image
    Do not switch power supplies in the same node as this will cause the node to lose power.
    • If the issue follows the power supply, the power supply must be replaced.
  5. If multiple nodes report power supply issues, it is likely that the issue is environmental. Check each of the following items to confirm the health of the power subsystem:
    • Power Distribution Unit (PDU) functionality and status of any circuit breakers in the power path
    • Power quality such as voltage, frequency values, and stability
    • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) health
  6. If the issue is not constant and is limited to one node, move the power to another circuit. Next, one at a time, move both power supplies.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, gather logs, and then contact EMC Isilon Technical Support for additional troubleshooting. For instructions, see Gathering cluster logs.