A sensor in the front panel of a node has exceeded the specified threshold.

This event can occur intermittently without harm to the system.

Administrator action

  1. Cancel or quiet the event.
  2. If the event recurs, shutdown and restart the node by completing the following steps:
    • Connect to the affected node through SSH or serial cable.
    • Shut down the node by running the following command:
      shutdown -p now
    • Wait for the node to shut down, and then disconnect both power supply cables.
    • Press the power button on the node to discharge any remaining stored power.
    • Reconnect the power cables and then start the node.
  3. (HD400 only.) Re-seat the front panel connector by checking that the ribbon cable is properly attached and properly seated.
  4. (All other nodes.) Re-seat the front panel.
  5. Move the front panel from a functioning node to the affected node and see if the event clears.
  6. Install the front panel from the affected node on another node to determine if the problem is with the front panel or with the node.

    If the problem follows the front panel, contact EMC Isilon Technical Support to ask for a new front panel.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, gather logs, and then contact EMC Isilon Technical Support for additional troubleshooting. For instructions, see Gathering cluster logs.