An Isilon Data Integrity (IDI) failure was detected.

The system cannot verify data integrity. The system will attempt to resolve this issue automatically through the Dynamic Sector Recovery (DSR) process. If the DSR process is unsuccessful, manual intervention is required.

When this event occurs, you will see two separate events with the same event ID of 800010003.
  • The first event states that an IDI was detected and that the system is attempting to resolve the issue through the DSR process. This event is sent with a Critical severity level.
  • The second event provides information that will assist EMC Isilon Technical Support with the debugging process. This event is sent with an Info severity level.

Administrator action

For information about this event, see the following articles on EMC Online Support:

Gather logs, and then contact EMC Isilon Technical Support for additional troubleshooting. For instructions, see Gathering cluster logs.