The snapshot daemon failed to create the scheduled snapshot.

If the cluster is split, this message might appear on the minority group, the group that has fewer than half of the nodes. In this case, the error persists until the cluster is healthy, and you can safely ignore the error.

Administrator action

  1. Determine whether a node is in the minority or majority group, by running the following command from the node that is reporting the error:
    sysctl efs.gmp.has_quorum
    • If the command returns 0, the error occurred on the minority group. The message might continue until the cluster is healthy. No further action is required.
    • If the command returns 1, the node is in the majority group. Proceed to step 2.
  2. Determine whether the number of snapshots exceeds the system-wide and directory limits. (The system-wide limit is 20,000, and the directory limit is 1,000.)

  3. If the number of snapshots is at or exceeds the limits, you can delete the extraneous snapshots. If the snapshots are within system limits, the event will automatically clear.

If the event persists, gather logs, and then contact EMC Isilon Technical Support for additional troubleshooting. For instructions, see Gathering cluster logs.