The target cluster for a SyncIQ job cannot create a requested snapshot.

If the cluster is split, this event might appear for a node in the minority group, the group that has fewer than half of the nodes. If the event is for a node on the minority group, you can safely ignore and quiet the event. This message might also appear if the target cluster is limited by a configured quota.

Administrator action

Perform the following steps in the order listed. If the issue resolves after a step, there is no need to complete the subsequent steps.

  1. Determine whether the message appeared on the minority or majority group by running the following command from the node that is reporting the event:
    sysctl efs.gmp.has_quorum
    • If the command returns 1, the node is in the majority group. Proceed to step 2.
    • If the command returns 0, the node is in the minority group, and you can safely quiet the event.
  2. Confirm that the number of snapshots does not exceed the system-wide and directory limits. (The system-wide limit is 20,000 and the directory limit is 1,000.)

    If the number of snapshots is in excess of limitations, delete extraneous snapshots according to the instructions in the OneFS CLI Administration Guide and OneFS Web Administration Guide.

  3. Remove any quotas that are limiting capacity for snapshots on the SyncIQ target directory.
  4. If the cluster space is approaching capacity, delete files or add capacity to the cluster. You can determine the available capacity on your cluster by running the following command:
    df –h /ifs