One or more nodes in your cluster is offline or unreachable.

Administrator action

One or more nodes are offline due to one of the following conditions:

If the Cluster Status page in the OneFS web administration interface indicates that a node is down, complete the following steps.

  1. Determine whether the node is turned on. Visually inspect the node to verify that the power light is on.
  2. If the node is turned off, attempt to turn the node on.
    • If the node turns on, view the Cluster Status page to determine whether the node has rejoined the cluster. If the node does not rejoin the cluster, proceed to step 3.
    • If the node rejoins the cluster, and the cluster is operational, the event will cancel.
    • If the node does not turn on, make sure that any circuit breakers in the power path are closed and that the power outlets for the node are active. If the node is not receiving power, resolve the power supply issue. If the node is receiving power, contact EMC Isilon Technical Support.
  3. If the node is on but did not rejoin the cluster, attempt to establish remote access through a secure shell (SSH) session. If the SSH session fails, attempt to establish remote access through the serial console.
  4. If neither the SSH session nor the serial console is responsive, press CTRL+T in the SSH session or in the serial console.
    • If pressing CTRL+T produces output, record the output, and then contact Isilon Technical Support for failure analysis.
    • If the node is unresponsive, turn the power off and then on again.