Default file pool I/O optimization settings

You can manage the I/O optimization settings that are used in the default file pool policy, which can include files with manually managed attributes.

To allow SmartPools to overwrite optimization settings that were configured using File System Explorer or the isi set command, select the Including files with manually-managed I/O optimization settings option in the Default Protection Settings group. In the CLI, use the --automatically-manage-io-optimization option with the isi storagepool settings modify command.

Setting (Web Admin)
Setting (CLI)



Write Performance
Enables or disables SmartCache (also referred to as the coalescer).
Enable SmartCache is the recommended setting for optimal write performance. With asynchronous writes, the Isilon server buffers writes in memory. However, if you want to disable this buffering, we recommend that you configure your applications to use synchronous writes. If that is not possible, disable SmartCache.
Data Access Pattern
Defines the optimization settings for accessing concurrent, streaming, or random data types.
Files and directories use a concurrent access pattern by default. To optimize performance, select the pattern dictated by your workflow. For example, a workflow heavy in video editing should be set to Optimize for streaming access. That workflow would suffer if the data access pattern was set to Optimize for random access.