Deduplication job report information

You can view the following deduplication specific information in deduplication job reports:

Start time
The time the deduplication job started.
End time
The time the deduplication job ended.
Iteration Count
The number of times that SmartDedupe interrupted the sampling process. If SmartDedupe is sampling a large amount of data, SmartDedupe might interrupt sampling in order to start deduplicating the data. After SmartDedupe finishes deduplicating the sampled data, SmartDedupe will continue sampling the remaining data.
Scanned blocks
The total number of blocks located underneath the specified deduplicated directories.
Sampled blocks
The number of blocks that SmartDedupe created index entries for.
Deduped blocks
The number of blocks that were deduplicated.
Dedupe percent
The percentage of scanned blocks that were deduplicated.
Created dedupe requests
The total number of deduplication requests created. A deduplication request is created for each matching pair of data blocks. For example, if you have 3 data blocks that all match, SmartDedupe creates 2 requests. One of the requests could pair file1 and file2 together and the other request could pair file2 and file3 together.
Successful dedupe requests
The number of deduplication requests that completed successfully.
Failed dedupe requests
The number of deduplication requests that failed. If a deduplication request fails, it doesn't mean that the job failed too. A deduplication request can fail for any number of reasons. For example, the file might have been modified since it was sampled.
Skipped files
The number of files that were not scanned by the deduplication job. SmartDedupe skips files for a number of reasons. For example, SmartDedupe skips files that have already been scanned and haven't been modified since. SmartDedupe also skips all files that are smaller than 4 KB.
Index entries
The number of entries that currently exist in the index.
Index lookup attempts
The total number of lookups that have been done by earlier deduplication jobs plus the number of lookups done by this deduplication job. A lookup is when the deduplication job attempts to match a block that was indexed with a block that hasn't been indexed.
Index lookup hits
The number of blocks that matched index entries.