WORM files and antivirus

WORM (write-once, read-many) files can be scanned and quarantined by antivirus software, but cannot be repaired or deleted until their retention period expires.

The SmartLock software module enables you to identify a directory in OneFS as a WORM domain. All files within the WORM domain will be committed to a WORM state, meaning that those files cannot be overwritten, modified, or deleted.

As with other files in OneFS, WORM files can be scanned for viruses and other security threats. However, because of their protected read-only nature, WORM files cannot be repaired or deleted during an antivirus scan. If a WORM file is found to be a threat, the file is quarantined.

When practical, you can initiate an antivirus scan on files before they are committed to a WORM state.