Virtual hot spare

Virtual hot spare (VHS) settings enable you to reserve disk space to rebuild the data in the event that a drive fails.

You can specify both a number of virtual drives to reserve and a percentage of total storage space. For example, if you specify two virtual drives and 15 percent, each node pool reserves virtual drive space equivalent to two drives or 15 percent of their total capacity (whichever is larger).

You can reserve space in node pools across the cluster for this purpose by specifying the following options:

OneFS calculates the larger number of the two factors to determine the space that is allocated. When configuring VHS settings, be sure to consider the following information:

Note Image

VHS settings affect spillover. If the VHS option Deny data writes to reserved disk space is enabled while Ignore reserved space when calculating available free space is disabled, spillover occurs before the file system reports 100% utilization.