SyncIQ data replication overview

OneFS enables you to replicate data from one Isilon cluster to another through the SyncIQ software module. You must activate a SyncIQ license on both Isilon clusters before you can replicate data between them.

You can replicate data at the directory level while optionally excluding specific files and sub-directories from being replicated. SyncIQ creates and references snapshots to replicate a consistent point-in-time image of a source directory. Metadata such as access control lists (ACL) and alternate data streams (ADS) are replicated along with data.

SyncIQ enables you to maintain a consistent replica of your data on another Isilon cluster and to control the frequency of data replication. For example, you could configure SyncIQ to back up data from your primary cluster to a secondary cluster once a day at 10 PM. Depending on the size of your data set, the first replication operation could take considerable time. After that, however, replication operations would complete more quickly.

SyncIQ also offers automated failover and failback capabilities so you can continue operations on the secondary Isilon cluster should your primary cluster become unavailable.