Storage pools

Storage pools segment nodes and files into logical divisions to simplify the management and storage of data.

A storage pool comprises node pools and tiers. Node pools group equivalent nodes to protect data and ensure reliability. Tiers combine node pools to optimize storage by need, such as a frequently used high-speed tier or a rarely accessed archive.

The SmartPools module groups nodes and files into pools. If you do not activate a SmartPools license, the module provisions node pools and creates one file pool. If you activate the SmartPools license, you receive more features. You can, for example, create multiple file pools and govern them with policies. The policies move files, directories, and file pools among node pools or tiers. You can also define how OneFS handles write operations when a node pool or tier is full. SmartPools reserves a virtual hot spare to reprotect data if a drive fails regardless of whether the SmartPools license is activated.