SMB server-side copy

In order to increase system performance, SMB 2 and later clients can utilize the server-side copy feature in OneFS.

Windows clients making use of server-side copy support may experience performance improvements for file copy operations, because file data no longer needs to traverse the network. The server-side copy feature reads and writes files only on the server, avoiding the network round-trip and duplication of file data. This feature only affects file copy or partial copy operations in which the source and destination file handles are open on the same share, and does not work for cross-share operations.

This feature is enabled by default across OneFS clusters, and can only be disabled system-wide across all zones. Additionally, server-side copy in OneFS is incompatible with the SMB continuous availability feature. If continuous availability is enabled for a share and the client opens a persistent file handle, server-side copy is automatically disabled for that file.

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You can only disable or enable SMB server-side copy for OneFS using the command line interface (CLI).