SMB continuous availability

If you are running OneFS in an SMB 3.0 environment, you allow certain Windows clients to open files on a server with continuous availability enabled.

If a server is using Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012, clients can create persistent file handles that can be reclaimed after an outage such as a network-related disconnection or a server failure. You can specify how long the persistent handle is retained after a disconnection or server failure, and also force strict lockouts on users attempting to open a file belonging to another handle. Furthermore, through the OneFS command-line interface (CLI), you can configure write integrity settings to control the stability of writes to the share.

If continuous availability is enabled for a share and the client opens a persistent file handle, server-side copy is automatically disabled for that file.

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You can only enable continuous availability when creating a share, but you can update timeout, lockout, and write integrity settings when creating or modifying a share.