SmartQuotas overview

The SmartQuotas module is an optional quota-management tool that monitors and enforces administrator-defined storage limits. Using accounting and enforcement quota limits, reporting capabilities, and automated notifications, SmartQuotas manages storage use, monitors disk storage, and issues alerts when disk-storage limits are exceeded.

Quotas help you manage storage usage according to criteria that you define. Quotas are used for tracking—and sometimes limiting—the amount of storage that a user, group, or project consumes. Quotas help ensure that a user or department does not infringe on the storage that is allocated to other users or departments. In some quota implementations, writes beyond the defined space are denied, and in other cases, a simple notification is sent.

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Do not apply quotas to /ifs/.ifsvar/ or its subdirectories. If you limit the size of the /ifs/.ifsvar/ directory through a quota, and the directory reaches its limit, jobs such as File-System Analytics fail. A quota blocks older job reports from being deleted from the /ifs/.ifsvar/ subdirectories to make room for newer reports.

The SmartQuotas module requires a separate license. For more information about the SmartQuotas module or to activate the module, contact your EMC sales representative.