SmartLock compliance mode failover and failback

Starting with version 8.0.1, OneFS supports replication of SmartLock compliance mode domains to a target cluster. This support includes failover and failback of these SmartLock domains.

Because SmartLock compliance mode adheres to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulation 17a-4(f), failover and failback of a compliance mode WORM domain requires some planning and setup.

Most importantly, both your primary (source) and secondary (target) clusters must be configured at initial setup as compliance mode clusters. This process is described in the Isilon installation guide for your node model (for example, the Isilon S210 Installation Guide).

In addition, both clusters must have directories defined as WORM domains with the compliance type. For example, if you are storing your WORM files in the SmartLock compliance domain /ifs/financial-records/locked on the primary cluster, you must have a SmartLock compliance domain on the target cluster to fail over to. Although the source and target SmartLock compliance domains can have the same pathname, this is not required.

In addition, you must start the compliance clock on both clusters.