SmartConnect zones and aliases

Clients can connect to the cluster through a specific IP address or though a domain that represents an IP address pool.

You can configure a SmartConnect DNS zone name for each IP address pool. The zone name must be a fully qualified domain name. SmartConnect requires that you add a new name server (NS) record that references the SmartConnect service IP address in the existing authoritative DNS zone that contains the cluster. You must also provide a zone delegation to the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the SmartConnect zone in your DNS infrastructure.

If you have a SmartConnect Advanced license, you can also specify a list of alternate SmartConnect DNS zone names for the IP address pool.

When a client connects to the cluster through a SmartConnect DNS zone, SmartConnect handles the incoming DNS requests on behalf of the IP address pool, and the service subnet distributes incoming DNS requests according to the pool's connection balancing policy.