Security hardening

Security hardening is the process of configuring a system to reduce or eliminate as many security risks as possible.

When you apply a hardening profile on an Isilon cluster, OneFS reads the security profile file and applies the configuration defined in the profile to the cluster. If required, OneFS identifies configuration issues that prevent hardening on the nodes. For example, the file permissions on a particular directory might not be set to the expected value, or the required directories might be missing. When an issue is found, you can choose to allow OneFS to resolve the issue, or you can defer resolution and fix the issue manually.

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The intention of the hardening profile is to support the Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) that are defined by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and applicable to OneFS. Currently, the hardening profile only supports a subset of requirements defined by DISA in STIGs. The hardening profile is meant to be primarily used in Federal accounts.

If you determine that the hardening configuration is not right for your system, OneFS allows you to revert the security hardening profile. Reverting a hardening profile returns OneFS to the configuration achieved by resolving issues, if any, prior to hardening.

You must have an active security hardening license and be logged in to the Isilon cluster as the root user to apply hardening to OneFS. To obtain a license, contact your Isilon sales representative.