Retention periods

A retention period is the length of time that a file remains in a WORM state before being released from a WORM state. You can configure SmartLock directory settings that enforce default, maximum, and minimum retention periods for the directory.

If you manually commit a file, you can optionally specify the date that the file is released from a WORM state. You can configure a minimum and a maximum retention period for a SmartLock directory to prevent files from being retained for too long or too short a time period. It is recommended that you specify a minimum retention period for all SmartLock directories.

For example, assume that you have a SmartLock directory with a minimum retention period of two days. At 1:00 PM on Monday, you commit a file to a WORM state, and specify the file to be released from a WORM state on Tuesday at 3:00 PM. The file will be released from a WORM state two days later on Wednesday at 1:00 PM, because releasing the file earlier would violate the minimum retention period.

You can also configure a default retention period that is assigned when you commit a file without specifying a date to release the file from a WORM state.