Remote support

OneFS allows remote support through EMC Secure Remote Services ( ESRS), which monitors the cluster, and with permission, provides remote access to Isilon Technical Support personnel to gather cluster data and troubleshoot issues. ESRS is a secure, Customer Support system that includes 24x7 remote monitoring and secure authentication with AES 256-bit encryption and RSA digital certificates.

Although ESRS is not a licensed feature, the OneFS cluster must be licensed for ESRS to be enabled.

When configured, ESRS monitors the Isilon cluster and sends alerts about the health of the devices. Isilon Technical Support personnel can establish remote sessions through SSH or the EMC back end interface. During remote sessions, support personnel can run remote support scripts that gather diagnostic data about cluster settings and operations. Diagnostic data is sent over the secure ESRS connection to EMC ESRS.

If you enable remote support, Isilon Technical Support personnel can establish a secure SSH session with the cluster through the ESRS connection. Remote access to the cluster is only in the context of an open support case. You can allow or deny the remote session request by Isilon Technical Support personnel.

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The remote support user credentials are required for access to the cluster, not the general cluster user, or system Admin credentials. OneFS does not store the required user credentials.

A complete description of ESRS features and functionality is available in the most recent version of the EMC Secure Remote Services Technical Description. Additional ESRS documentation is available on EMC Support by Product.