Quota types

OneFS uses the concept of quota types as the fundamental organizational unit of storage quotas. Storage quotas comprise a set of resources and an accounting of each resource type for that set. Storage quotas are also called storage domains.

Storage quotas creation requires three identifiers:

Note Image

Do not create quotas of any type on the OneFS root (/ifs). A root-level quota may significantly degrade performance.

You can choose a quota type from the following entities:

A specific directory and its subdirectories.
Either a specific user or default user (every user). Specific-user quotas that you configure take precedence over a default user quota.

All members of a specific group or all members of a default group (every group). Any specific-group quotas that you configure take precedence over a default group quota. Associating a group quota with a default group quota creates a linked quota.

You can create multiple quota types on the same directory, but they must be of a different type or have a different snapshot option. You can specify quota types for any directory in OneFS and nest them within each other to create a hierarchy of complex storage-use policies.

Nested storage quotas can overlap. For example, the following quota settings ensure that the finance directory never exceeds 5 TB, while limiting the users in the finance department to 1 TB each: