Quota notifications

Quota notifications are generated for enforcement quotas, providing users with information when a quota violation occurs. Reminders are sent periodically while the condition persists.

Each notification rule defines the condition that is to be enforced and the action that is to be executed when the condition is true. An enforcement quota can define multiple notification rules. When thresholds are exceeded, automatic email notifications can be sent to specified users, or you can monitor notifications as system alerts or receive emails for these events.

Notifications can be configured globally, to apply to all quota domains, or be configured for specific quota domains.

Enforcement quotas support the following notification settings. A given quota can use only one of these settings.

Limit notification settings


Turn Off Notifications for this Quota

Disables all notifications for the quota.

Use Default Notification Rules

Uses the global default notification for the specified type of quota.

Use Custom Notification Rules

Enables the creation of advanced, custom notifications that apply to the specific quota. Custom notifications can be configured for any or all of the threshold types (hard, soft, or advisory) for the specified quota.