Quota notification rules

You can write quota notification rules to generate alerts that are triggered by event thresholds.

When an event occurs, a notification is triggered according to your notification rule. For example, you can create a notification rule that sends an email when a disk-space allocation threshold is exceeded by a group.

You can configure notification rules to trigger an action according to event thresholds (a notification condition). A rule can specify a schedule, such as "every day at 1:00 AM," for executing an action or immediate notification of certain state transitions. When an event occurs, a notification trigger may execute one or more actions, such as sending an email or sending a cluster alert to the interface. The following examples demonstrate the types of criteria that you can use to configure notification rules.

Notifications are triggered for events grouped by the following categories:

Instant notifications
Includes the write-denied notification, triggered when a hard threshold denies a write, and the threshold-exceeded notification, triggered at the moment a hard, soft, or advisory threshold is exceeded. These are one-time notifications because they represent a discrete event in time.
Ongoing notifications
Generated on a scheduled basis to indicate a persisting condition, such as a hard, soft, or advisory threshold being over a limit or a soft threshold's grace period being expired for a prolonged period.