NFS exports

You can manage individual NFS export rules that define mount-points (paths) available to NFS clients and how the server should perform with these clients.

In OneFS, you can create, delete, list, view, modify, and reload NFS exports.

NFS export rules are zone-aware. Each export is associated with a zone, can only be mounted by clients on that zone, and can only expose paths below the zone root. By default, any export command applies to the client's current zone.

Each rule must have at least one path (mount-point), and can include additional paths. You can also specify that all subdirectories of the given path or paths are mountable. Otherwise, only the specified paths are exported, and child directories are not mountable.

An export rule can specify a particular set of clients, enabling you to restrict access to certain mount-points or to apply a unique set of options to these clients. If the rule does not specify any clients, then the rule applies to all clients that connect to the server. If the rule does specify clients, then that rule is applied only to those clients.