OneFS provides an NFS server so you can share files on your cluster with NFS clients that adhere to the RFC1813 (NFSv3) and RFC3530 (NFSv4) specifications.

In OneFS, the NFS server is fully optimized as a multi-threaded service running in user space instead of the kernel. This architecture load balances the NFS service across all nodes of the cluster, providing the stability and scalability necessary to manage up to thousands of connections across multiple NFS clients.

NFS mounts execute and refresh quickly, and the server constantly monitors fluctuating demands on NFS services and makes adjustments across all nodes to ensure continuous, reliable performance. Using a built-in process scheduler, OneFS helps ensure fair allocation of node resources so that no client can seize more than its fair share of NFS services.

The NFS server also supports access zones defined in OneFS, so that clients can access only the exports appropriate to their zone. For example, if NFS exports are specified for Zone 2, only clients assigned to Zone 2 can access these exports.

To simplify client connections, especially for exports with large path names, the NFS server also supports aliases, which are shortcuts to mount points that clients can specify directly.

For secure NFS file sharing, OneFS supports NIS and LDAP authentication providers.