NDMP two-way backup

The NDMP two-way backup is also known as the local or direct NDMP backup. To perform NDMP two-way backups, you must connect your Isilon cluster to a Backup Accelerator node and attach a tape device to the Backup Accelerator node. You must then use OneFS to detect the tape device before you can back up to that device.

You can connect supported tape devices directly to the Fibre Channel ports of a Backup Accelerator node. Alternatively, you can connect Fibre Channel switches to the Fibre Channel ports on the Backup Accelerator node, and connect tape and media changer devices to the Fibre Channel switches. For more information, see your Fibre Channel switch documentation about zoning the switch to allow communication between the Backup Accelerator node and the connected tape and media changer devices.

If you attach tape devices to a Backup Accelerator node, the cluster detects the devices when you start or restart the node or when you re-scan the Fibre Channel ports to discover devices. If a cluster detects tape devices, the cluster creates an entry for the path to each detected device.

If you connect a device through a Fibre Channel switch, multiple paths can exist for a single device. For example, if you connect a tape device to a Fibre Channel switch, and then connect the Fibre Channel switch to two Fibre Channel ports, OneFS creates two entries for the device, one for each path.

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NDMP two-way backup is not supported with IsilonSD Edge .