Setting preferred IPs for NDMP three-way operations

If you are using Avamar as your data management application (DMA) for an NDMP three-way operation in an environment with multiple network interfaces, you can apply a preferred IP setting across an Isilon cluster or to one or more subnets that are defined in OneFS. A preferred IP setting is a list of prioritized IP addresses to which a data server or tape server connects during an NDMP three-way operation.

The IP address on the NDMP server that receives the incoming request from the DMA decides the scope and precedence for setting the preference. If the incoming IP address is within a subnet scope that has a preference, then the preference setting is applied. If a subnet-specific preference does not exist but a cluster-wide preference exists, the cluster-wide preference setting is applied. Subnet-specific preference always overrides the cluster-wide preference. If both the cluster-wide and subnet-specific preferences do not exist, the IP addresses within the subnet of the IP address receiving the incoming requests from the DMA are used as the preferred IP addresses.

You can have one preferred IP setting per cluster or per network subnet.

You can specify a list of NDMP preferred IPs through the isi ndmp settings preferred-ips command.