NDMP multi-stream backup and recovery

You can use the NDMP multi-stream backup feature, in conjunction with certain data management applications (DMAs), to speed up backups.

With multi-stream backup, you can use your DMA to specify multiple streams of data to back up concurrently. OneFS considers all streams in a specific multi-stream backup operation to be part of the same backup context. A multi-stream backup context is deleted if a multi-stream backup session is successful. If a specific stream fails, the backup context is retained for five minutes after the backup operation completes and you can retry the failed stream within that time period.

If you used the NDMP multi-stream backup feature to back data up to tape drives, you can also recover that data in multiple streams, depending on the DMA. In OneFS 8.0.0, multi-stream backups are supported with CommVault Simpana version 11.0 Service Pack 3 and NetWorker version 9.0.1. If you back up data using CommVault Simpana, a multi-stream context is created, but data is recovered one stream at a time.

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OneFS multi-stream backups are not supported by the NDMP restartable backup feature.