Mixed protocol environments

The /ifs directory is the root directory for all file system data in the cluster, serving as an SMB share, an NFS export, and a document root directory. You can create additional shares and exports within the /ifs directory tree. You can configure your OneFS cluster to use SMB or NFS exclusively, or both. You can also enable HTTP, FTP, and SSH.

Access rights are consistently enforced across access protocols on all security models. A user is granted or denied the same rights to a file whether using SMB or NFS. Clusters running OneFS support a set of global policy settings that enable you to customize the default access control list (ACL) and UNIX permissions settings.

OneFS is configured with standard UNIX permissions on the file tree. Through Windows Explorer or OneFS administrative tools, you can give any file or directory an ACL. In addition to Windows domain users and groups, ACLs in OneFS can include local, NIS, and LDAP users and groups. After a file is given an ACL, the mode bits are no longer enforced and exist only as an estimate of the effective permissions.

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We recommend that you configure ACL and UNIX permissions only if you fully understand how they interact with one another.