All Isilon software and hardware must be licensed through EMC Software Licensing Central (SLC).

A record of your active licenses and your cluster hardware is contained in a license file that is stored in two locations: one copy of the license file is stored in the SLC repository, and another copy of the license file is stored on your cluster. The license file contains a record of the following license types:
  • OneFS
  • Additional software modules
The license file on your cluster, and the license file in the SLC repository, must match your installed hardware and software. Therefore, you must submit a request to update your license file when you:
  • Upgrade for the first time to OneFS 8.1 or later
  • Add new hardware or upgrade the existing hardware in your cluster
  • Require the activation of an optional software module

To request a change to your license file, you must create a file that contains an updated list of your required hardware and software licenses and submit it to EMC Software Licensing Central (SLC). You can generate that file, known as an activation file, from your OneFS interface.

Licenses are created after you generate an activation file, submit the file to EMC Software Licensing Central (SLC), receive a license file back from SLC, and upload the license file to your cluster.

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If you are running the free version of IsilonSD edge, you have access to all optional software modules except for Cloudpools, SmartLock, and SyncIQ. For access to any of those three modules, you must purchase an IsilonSD Edge license.